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Dylan and Aubrey Does

Lead Pastor/Church Planter

Married since May of 2006

Pastoring since May of 2006: (2006-'08 in Mt. Pleasant, IA; July '08-December '14 in Yakima, WA; December 2014- Marshalltown, IA)

Where are you from?

Dylan is from in and around Marshalltown (attended Rogers, Franklin, Colo-NESCO, and graduated from East Marshall in 2000).

Aubrey was born in Milwaukee, WI, and grew up in Blaine, MN.

Our Family: We have 2 boys, Ian and Xavier. We are also proud(ish) caretakers of 2 dogs, Herky and Lucy. 

Why Marshalltown? This is my (Dylan)hometown, and quickly is becoming my wife's. We believe that Marshalltown is one of the most unique places in the United States. We have a rich cultural diversity (ethnicity, socio-economic, business, community, etc.) that we are stoked to live in and raise our kids in. We feel incredibly privileged that God would allow us to tell a city we love, about the Jesus that loves this city far more than we can even comprehend. My friend Micahn Carter inspired us with these words, "A church that is being a church can love its' city back to prosperity". 

David and LaVonne Foix

Swiss Army Knife Pastor (Anything and Everything)

Married since 2002.

Ministry: David got his first youth pastor job in 1997 (Grand Rapids, MN).  Co-ministered since 2002 (Ministry through College; White Rock Fellowship Youth Pastor ('06-'13); Grace Evangelical Church ('13-May '15).

Where are you from?

David grew up in the Grand Rapids MN area. LaVonne is from Pella, IA.

Family: our cat Apollo

Why Marshalltown? We are inspired by what others have already done to help this town reach its potential, and we believe that God loves the people of Marshalltown and is at work here. The vision of Restore Church totally fits with how God has been leading us, and we are excited to be a part of it in such a unique community.

Sarah and Ryan Trosen

Children's Pastor/Connecting Pastor

Married Since May of 2004

Ministry: Working in Ministry since 2005

Where are you from? Ryan grew up in Verndale, Minnesota on a Dairy Farm. Sarah grew up in Grand Rapids MN area. 

Our Family: We have two boys, Ezekiel and Titus. We have two dogs that are spoiled, Gracie and Moxie.

Why Marshalltown? It was and is a God Thing! We love working, dreaming and problem solving and Restore Church brings that to Marshalltown. We love community and taking a risk, trusting that God has a big story for us. We want to raise our kids in a town where there is community and hope.