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February 11th “What you focus on, you conform to.” Derry Long The gap between a “God Idea” and a “God reality” is a breeding ground for pity or… Read more "Through: It Will B…
January 17th
As a young teenage Christ-follower, I found myself sitting in my bedroom in distress because I seemed to keep making the same mistakes.  Surely God must be… Read more "Even God Waits – LaVonne Foix"
January 9th
I’ve realized that I’ve been sad lately. Not super sad, just a small part of me that’s constantly trying to evaluate my life. When I look at… Read more "When Life Isn’t All Figured Out – Charlee Johnson"
December 6th
His desire and plan was adoption…. As the Christmas season approaches, we are flooded with thoughts of childhood.  They may be happy memories or deeply sad ones.… Read more "Children of God – The Beauty of Adoption LaVonne Fo…
December 1st
I am a father. I am a father to two amazing boys and we are on the way to adding more to our family. I am a… Read more "Do you see me? – Ryan Trosen"