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December 6th
His desire and plan was adoption…. As the Christmas season approaches, we are flooded with thoughts of childhood.  They may be happy memories or deeply sad ones.… Read more "Children of God – The Beauty of Adoption LaVonne Fo…
December 1st
I am a father. I am a father to two amazing boys and we are on the way to adding more to our family. I am a… Read more "Do you see me? – Ryan Trosen"
November 13th
Lucky. People will often tell my children how lucky they are to be adopted. To be part of our family. Part of me wants to take it… Read more "They are so lucky…. A mother’s thoughts on adoption. by Sarah Trosen"
November 1st
Clearly, to love and be loved is our most basic human need… …and yet, we are not very good at it. The real thing can be painfully… Read more "The Path of Love – LaVonne Foix"
October 25th
My Grandma was a 5 foot tall (on a good day) spunky lady. She always had something baking in her kitchen oven.  The large monstrosity of a… Read more "The 5 Foot Giant – Sarah Trosen"